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Symphony Capital Group helps investors build wealth by providing ownership shares in multifamily assets across the country. Add real estate to your portfolio today.

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If you are seeking to invest more than $250k or looking to 1031 exchange into a future project, schedule a call with our team.

From the Co-Founder:

The financial system has failed you. Financial freedom shouldn’t be a moving target. SCG exists to provide a reliable and predictable path forward for everyday investors.

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Build Wealth Through Real Estate

Tax-Advantaged Real Estate

Commercial real estate is the most favorable tax efficient vehicle on the planet. Efficient tax vehicles like real estate allow investors to keep more of their gains, helping them achieve financial freedom faster.

Build Your Legacy

Symphony Capital Group allows investors to participate in future 1031 exchanges, allowing you to roll your gains into future deals without having to pay taxes.

Regular Cash Flow

Our deals provide regular cash flow to investors while we wait for our equity to appreciate over time.

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Our team is here to support and answer questions along the way. Schedule a call with us today.

Track Your Investments

Our online portal provides investors with monthly reporting, distribution statements, and end of year K-1 statements.

Invest Your Way

You can own shares in our deals by investing through a self-directed IRA, 401k, cash, LLC, or trust.

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Real estate is our focus.

SCG focuses on finding, funding, and managing real estate investment properties.

Our focus on the real estate allows you more time to do the things you love.

Own Shares in Large,
Multifamily Real Estate

By investing in large, multifamily real estate (70+ doors), you benefit from better financing, world class property management, economies of scale, and multiple streams of income. Take the first step toward building your real estate portfolio today.

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What Our Investors Have to Say

5-Star Rating

Rory Compton

Skillful and easy to work with

5-Star Rating

Eric Cruz

I am new to RE investment. Ellis and Symphony Capital Group have been amazing partners to get my feet wet. Their communication has been outstanding and they have lived up to everything they have told me. I feel fully confident in their ability to deliver results and in their personal character/values. Looking forward to a long term relationship.

5-Star Rating

David Estrem

A conscientious GP team who actually cares about the LP investors as people, not just for their investment dollars. If you're looking to diversify into multifamily real estate and lose the headaches of self-managed properties, get in touch with these guys.

5-Star Rating

Ryan Goff

Great group GPs finding true value add assets. Really looking forward to what they bring next and future development in blockchain real estate applications.

5-Star Rating

From Military to Millionaire

Symphony Capital is amazing, highly recommend :)

5-Star Rating

Carlo Izzo

I've been dealing with Ellis for well over a year and finally decided to pull the trigger on one of his deals. He always returns calls and answers any concerns I may have. I have never felt rushed or giving a run around like most in the past. So far it's been a positive relationship. I would highly recommend reaching out to Ellis and his team.

5-Star Rating

Luke Hatton

Amazing experience. High quality team.

5-Star Rating

Noel Thompson

Great company working within the Kingdom Capital and capital sector!

5-Star Rating

Chris Underwood

Ellis and his team are great to work work with. Professional, knowledgeable, and timely. Highly recommend them.

5-Star Rating

Bryce Bush

Wonderful Kingdom Capitalist who let God lead their business. I love what there doing and would recommend this group to anyone looking to passively invest in Real Estate!